Kah Wei  Tng
Leader – Scholar – Programmer
A Nanyang Polytechnic student in the Diploma of Game Development and Technology, he is imbued with the skills and initiative to help you achieve your company vision not for you but with you. He has a keen interest in software architectural development as well as user experience design.
5 February 2017
Lecturing About Unity

Back in October while I was still on my student exchange to Trident College of IT in Nagoya, my friends and I were asked to give a short lecture on Unity3D to my surprise. So on the board, we wrote down some topics that we could talk about such as NavMesh, mobile development and more...

They voted on it and I got to talk about extending the Unity Editor. It was pretty fun and I still have the resources I made for it so I decided why not share it online for people who might find it useful?

Unfortunately, I lost the Powerpoint slides I made for that purpose but well, the code has most of that commented in it. Although, if I ever find the time, I might remake those slides. I hope this helps whoever needs it!

Link: https://github.com/Pycorax/Unity-Custom-Editor-Example

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the code =)