My main game development platform. Developed multiple 2D and 3D games with the Unity Engine in the past 2 years.

Worked with C++ to create many small games as part of my school assignments. Implemented double render passes for shadow and more.

Developed a top down shooter game and an app for learning alphabets of different foreign languages with quizzes and learning progress.

Developed a simple test program for PlayStation 3 and developed a PlayStation 4 game with the Unity Engine as assignments.

Using Unity3D, developed 2 different VR games using the SteamVR platform with the HTC Vive hardware.

Microsoft HoloLens
Within a 6 hour-hackathon, developed the holographic UI of a bare bones Azure Management Portal for HoloLens in Unity3D.

ASP.NET 5 Core
In a single weekend, picked up ASP.NET 5 Core to develop a simple high score database as a REST-ful service for a Unity3D game.

Microsoft Azure
Using my MSDN subscription, I have credits to experiment with. Hosted a REST-ful service, this website and a game server.

Google Cloud
As an assignment, developed a REST-ful service hosted with App Engine for a hangman game online with Google NDB for data persistence.